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Syracuse University Leases Approximately 7,500 SF of Office Space for its West Coast Satellite

SHERMAN OAKS, CA - June 2011 - Syracuse University has leased approximately 7,500 SF of office space to expand its 'Semester in Los Angeles,' a five-year-old program co-founded by noted Hollywood writer Aaron Sorkin for students who wish to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

"Syracuse had a unigque and difficult requirement, " Scott Romich said, "but we liked the use and the organization and got creative to make a deal that worked."

Turning the conventional office space into a satellite campus took some doing. Nathan Seamons, interior planner with The Wren Group, Inc., a commercial and residential interior planning, architecture and desgn firm in Pasadena, CA worked with the city to make sure it would approve assembly use for the space.

"When you go from office to school use it changes the number of parking stalls and restrooms," said Seamons. "we did the work on what was required ahead of time so we wouldn't have to wait in plan-check for months and months."

The Wren Group is now working with Syracuse University officials to transform the space for their needs, including separating the space so that the administrative side is distinct form the classroom side, designing a color scheme that relects the Syracuse school colors and adding training rooms, conference rooms and offices.


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